3 Hot Grilling Accessories That Will Light Your Fire

Grilling season is in full swing! As you are planning YOUR grilling menu for the weekend, why not stop by Fleet-Plummer, your local grilling headquarters, and check out these three hot grilling accessories. Our grill masters are always here to guide you!  

First up on our hot list: The FLAME BOSS

The FLAME BOSS is a computerized way to control the temperature for your smoker or Big Green Egg. Think of it as cruise control. The variable-speed blower regulates the temperature and will alert you when you cook is done. It will even keep your food warm after the cook is done.  

All you have to do is light the fire and set the control...just plug it in, set it and forget it...it's that easy!

The FLAME BOSS takes it from there; the lid stays closed, the temperature stays steady and you rest easy, knowing your grilling is done right!  

Next on our hot list: The LOOFTLIGHTER

The LOOFTLIGHTER starts your fire in sixty seconds! This marvel does not blow flames; instead it blows out a hot airstream. Simply plug the LOOFTLIGHTER into a wall socket and touch the nose to your wood or coals. In about fifteen seconds, sparks will appear. Pull the lighter out about three to six inches and continue heating that same spot as before. Before you know it, you'll have a roaring fire!

This is the perfect replacement for lighter fluid, as you will be eliminating that chemical taste of gas or lighter fluid from your food, AND this versatile lighter can quickly ignite charcoal, wood, briquettes, hardwood and more.  The safety casing is also cool to the touch just after it is turned off.  Fast, safe, eco-friendly... this makes the LOOFTLIGHTER a winner in our (recipe) book!

Next on our hot list: The WEBER iGRILL 3

The iGRILL 3  is a bluetooth thermometer that monitors food from beginning to end and notifies you via the Weber iGRILL 3 app once it has reached your perfect temperature.  Each Weber Genesis II or Genesis II LX grill is iGrill ready.  

If you are new to grilling, the iGRILL 3 is perfect for you.  Remove any stress caused by constant checking temps, and relax.  The iGRILL 3 will do the work for you.  Seasoned grill masters will also love this hot accessory. Every grill master deserves a break now and then! Let iGRILL monitor the grill and go open another bottle of wine or make that sauce.  Or, for the low and slow, all day smoking adventure, use the two meat probes that come with it, or add two more. The iGRILL 3 has a four-probe capacity, so you can monitor four pieces of meat all at once.  

This is truly the most advanced meat thermometer on the market!  

The dog days of summer are here. Think long summer days, fun summer evenings, and hot grilling accessories to make your grilling easier! Think Fleet-Plummer!

Jason Windsor


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