3 Summer Beach Trip Must-Haves

Dennis Wilson, drummer for the Beach Boys, once said, "On the beach, you can live in bliss." With these must-have items, you can do just that.

First up on our must-have list:  SCOUT BEACH BAGS. Super lightweight and easy to clean, Scout bags come in a variety of sizes, colors, and patterns, and are the perfect way to carry all you'll need for a day in the sun.  And since they are water-resistant, you'll feel free to bring on the splash and sand.  

Next on our list is the coolest cup ever, the CORKCICLE. Made from stainless steel, vacuum-sealed, and triple-insulated, the Corkcicle is a wonder cup, keeping your beach beverages cold for 9-plus hours, even out in the hot summer sun. Drinks with ice stay colder even longer! Corkcicle cups have easy-grip sides, no-slip bottoms, and drink-through lids, making them the perfect must-have for your next beach trip!

And finally, what's a beach trip without great food?  With the Weber Q Portable Grill, you can have the best of both worlds this summer; the Q is small enough for one person to carry yet has enough power to grill out an entire meal.  The Q comes in beautiful, bright colors, and since the side-shelves fold in, you can slide the Q into the truck, right alongside your sand-buckets and beach towels.  Who wouldn't love a perfectly-grilled burger after a day down on the sand?  

Jason Windsor


Jason Windsor is a pretty pretty princess.