Chocolate Turtles by Sunny's Sweets


"Turtle" is the descriptive term for a candy that is made from chocolate, pecans, and caramel.  The name "turtle" was coined because the arrangement of the nuts sticking out from under the chocolate makes one think of a turtle.  The four legs are the nuts, while the head and the tail are formed by the extra chocolate runoff.  

Some stories credit Oakland as the birthplace of the chocolate turtle, with the creators delivering their goodies on their Harley Davidson motorcycles.  Some stories have the birthdate of the chocolate turtle way back in the early 1900's over in San Francisco.  Other stories credit candymakers down south with creating chocolate turtles as a topping for ice cream, while still other stories have the turtle being thought of as a response to the cream-filled "frog" candies that were popular around the turn of the century.  Wherever the chocolate turtle came from, whomever first thought of combining pecans, chocolate and caramel was pure genius.  

More than any other, these candies are close to my heart, as chocolate turtles were the first candy I ever made.  I grew up helping my uncle in his bake shop, and later, I owned a shop of my own, where I made every chocolate treat imaginable.  Now that I am part of the team here at Fleet-Plummer, every day is bring-your-turtles-to-work day!  If you look carefully at my handmade chocolate turtles, you'll see intricate markings in the chocolate shell.  The pecans that stick out as the turtle-feet are pecans from my family's trees, and one bite reveals the sweet caramel hidden inside.  My turtles come in five-to-a-box, in creamy milk chocolate, rich dark chocolate or an assortment of both, beautifully packaged, perfect for sharing or gifts or enjoying yourself!

This season, my turtles are all dressed up for Easter, as I've added white-chocolate bunny ears and tails!  On Saturdays through Easter, from 1 pm while they last, I'll have samples.  Hop in soon, and get your BUNNY TURTLES!  Take it from me, Sunny, these turtles are the sweetest!