Featured Brand: Uno de 50


In the late nineties, Jose Azulay and his fellow designers began to build a brand.  It was formed from a different point of view, a different eye, and UNOde50 was born.  The goal they had was, and still is, to create pieces that are select, unique and with personality, much like the women who wear them.  The very first UNOde50 collections were made up of only 50 units of each design, incorporating the unique alloy, leather, crystals, and pearls that make up the UNOde50 signature look.

Each piece is 100% handcrafted in Spain to create jewelry with original designs and unbeatable quality.  Jose Azulay likes to say that each piece has its own voice and is capable of speaking strength and energy on its own.  To get to the heart of UNOde50, let's follow the designers from start to finish:

The inspired process is based on a theme that will permeate through the collection and reflect in each piece.  Once the theme is established, the designers start sketching.  A master from wax is made, then a mold is created. The special metal alloy unique to UNOde50 is poured into the mold, and this is the first version of the piece.  The designers work by hand to give the metal the shape and texture designed in the first sketches.Once shaped, the next step is a hypoallergenic process, and a 15-micron silver coating.  In addition to the silver that UNOde50 is known for, customers were also asking for gold, and Azulay heard them, working for three years to get the exact right color.  THAT is dedication.  

More than twenty years later, UNOde50 is still writing its story, continuing to make all their pieces using their traditional methods, as if each piece were one-of-a-kind.  Azulay compares the personality of his jewelry to the women who wear it.  The woman who wears UNOde50 is unique, a little rebellious, and marches to the beat of her own drum.  Azulay describes this woman as one who does not follow trends, saying "she wants something different, so she identifies herself with that something she cannot find somewhere else."  He also sees each customer as part of the UNOde50 tribe, part of a special group who follows fashions but breaks from the masses to choose her own style. 

He also encourages his potential fans to forget all previous beliefs about jewelry, to imagine a new belief in jewelry from scratch.  Exclusive, unique, bold, iconic.   From Spain to Carolina, from what started as a first drawing to jewelry that draws attention, we are pleased to be your UNOde50 connection.  As Jose Azulay encourages, stop by and look, look as long as you like, try on a bracelet or a ring or a necklace.  We guarantee you'll soon be a part of the UNOde50 tribe.  

Jason Windsor


Jason Windsor is a pretty pretty princess.