Why Buy a Fireplace Screen?

The season is upon us.  Time to start thinking about sweaters, and cider, and curling up in front of a cozy, warm fire.  It's also a great time to start thinking about fireplaces, gas logs, and of course, fireplace screens.  I walked through the fireplace department with our resident expert Jim this morning, and he shared with me the in's and out's of fireplace screens:

A screen is an integral part of any wood-burning fireplace.  Placed in front of the opening, your screen prevents sparks or burning logs from coming out of the fireplace and into your room.  This we all know.  But what about fireplaces with gas logs?  Do we still need a fireplace screen?


Jim says the answer is YES.  While they are not necessary to prevent sparks and burning logs from escaping OUT into your room, some gas log manufacturers do require the use of a screen with their product.  This is largely to prevent any flammable object from going INTO your fireplace.  They also come in handy to keep pets or small children from coming into contact with your fire.

Screens for use with gas log fireplaces vary depending on the type, style, and log you choose.  More often than not, glass fireplace doors are preferable to screens when used with a vented gas log.  The reason behind this is that since your damper must be locked open when using a vented gas log, a glass door will stop the heat in your room from going into your fireplace and up your chimney.  Fireplace screens for use with vent-free gas logs must be of a certain type to prevent the heat from discoloring your screen or super-heating your screen.  

Fireplace screens are available in a tri-fold style, a flat-screen style, or a spark guard.  And as screens vary in size, you'll want to measure the width and the length of your fireplace before you come in to choose your screen.  Jim also has many colors available on the showroom floor and for special order.  Special orders are available too for those odd-sized fireplaces.  

Come by soon and let Jim, and the rest of our team, show you which fireplace screen is best for you!

Jason Windsor


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