Gas Logs 101: Part 2

When last we checked in with our resident gas log expert, Jim, he gave us the first step on the road to enjoying wonderfully warm and inviting gas log fireplaces.  This is our second installment in the series:  Measuring.

Whether you have a brick and mortar fireplace or a pre-fabricated one, you will need to make several important measurements. You can download a worksheet here. You will need to measure the front width, the center width, the back width, the depth and the height.  These measurements will size a gas log to the fireplace.  

If you want vented logs, these are all the measurements you will need to take.  If you would like vent-free logs, you will also be concerned with combustible materials around the fireplace, and so you will need to make a few extra measurements.  Clearances around the opening are very important:  Measure from the edge of the opening on the left and also on the right until you hit something combustible.  You will need a minimum of six inches clear on each side.  In addition, you will need to measure from the top of the opening to the first combustible item, and also the depth of that piece.  For many of our customers, this will be a mantle or some extra molding.  

Jim also suggests pictures, pictures, and more pictures!  Pictures of your fireplace are a wonderful way for us to help you with the perfect gas logs to meet your needs.  

Now is the time to start thinking ahead to those cozy evenings around your fireplace.  Come see us today, and let our gas log experts like Jim walk you through each step of the way.  

Jason Windsor


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