Gas Logs 101: Part 3

As we explore our options with gas logs, we get to a major decision in the process.  We will call this Part Three:  Choosing Between Vented or Vent-Free Logs.  Both are wonderful ways to create the feel and the look of a wood-burning fireplace, and both provide radiant heat, albeit in different ways and amounts.  

Vented gas logs are the most popular option, creating big, full flames and glowing embers.  The flames are realistic as they dance around, over and through the logs, making it look like the logs are actually burning.  Vented logs emit a radiant heat that is perfect for enjoying while you are close to the fireplace.  In most cases, vented gas logs are chosen for aesthetic reasons, for the beauty they add to your living space, not as a supplemental heat source.  

Because of the way the heat radiates from vented logs, you can place your television above your fireplace with no problem.  For vented gas logs, you will need to keep your damper open and most have glass doors to protect the heat from your room from escaping from your room and up your chimney.

Vent-free gas logs also create big flames, and while the flames do not actually touch the logs, there are multiple styles that will allow you to create a realistic look for your fire.  A remote control can also be used to turn the gas logs on and off, and to also adjust the amount of heat.  Vent-free gas logs are the best solution if you want to heat your living space, as they are perfect for supplemental heat.  With these gas logs, your damper should be closed, and if burned longer than three to four hours at a time, a window should be opened for air exchange.  Because of the way the heat radiates from these logs, there ARE some restrictions on what you can put above and around your fireplace.  For example, you would not want to put your television above the fireplace, as it would be damaged from the heat. 

If you are unsure which of these options is right for you, vented or vent-free, feel free to stop by and talk to one of our gas log experts.  At Fleet-Plummer, we have been selling gas logs for over 50 years, so you can trust our experts to help you with YOUR fireplace.  Happy Fall!

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