Glow and Behold: Magical Ways to Light Your Home or Patio

Roald Dahl once wrote, "And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don't believe in magic will never find it."

The lesson here, of course, to look for the magic and you'll find it. When looking for ways to light up your home or patio, look for the hidden secrets, those tiny finds that spark your imagination here and there and everywhere, and help create that magical feeling.  

Fairy lights are an easy, inexpensive way to create that cozy glow. You can make a hallway more magical with strands of fairy lights wound around the kids' artwork, or drape the delicate lights across a mantle for a calming effect in your living room. Wrap them around a wreath, tuck the battery pack behind and arrange on a side table for a quick centerpiece. You can even place a mirror behind the lights for an added effect.  

Flameless candles are a brilliant way to always have that candlelight glow, without the worry of having to remember to blow out the wicks! Choose them in cream or white and even set them to turn on and off with a remote control!  

Bottle lights shine that extra magic onto a desk, as the lights are designed to fit into any empty wine bottle, then plug directly into your computer. What an inspired way to lighten your work area!

Speaking of bottle lights, we also love our AfterGlow kits that turn your empty bottle into a solar light. Weatherproof, these are perfect for patio. Eco-friendly Firefly solar lanterns are also a great idea; hang these all around to cast your own firefly light on these summer evenings.  

From fairy lights to bottle lights to solar, Fleet-Plummer has all sorts of products that are sure to spark your imagination. Now, let's go create some magic and light up those nights!  

Jason Windsor


Jason Windsor is a pretty pretty princess.