Monogrammed Gifts are Back!

Monograms are back in a BIG way.  An ancient tradition dating back to 350 BC, monograms are still, after thousands of years, synonymous with sophistication and personal flair.  

Personalizing jewelry, clothing, bags, housewares, linens, and almost anything else you can imagine, Heartstrings is our go-to company for personal branding.  It is said that when something "pulls on the heartstrings,"  then that something has stirred our deepest emotions and affections.  This is the feeling we get when we see our own names or initials on treasured keepsakes.

In a world where fashion can be mass-produced, the woman sitting in front of you at the theater may be wearing the same little black dress you are, or another traveler at the airport may have the same carry-on bag as you do.  Monograms allow us to BE the brand. Having our initials there ON our dress or bag, hat or necklace assures that each of those items is unique.  Our fashion is then custom-made with care, just like we are.  Our personalities are allowed to shine through. Perhaps this is why we love monograms so much, why they, pardon the pun, pull on our Heartstrings.  

When you browse through our Heartstrings display, or flip through the Heartstrings catalog, you'll find so many items to personalize.  Simply choose that special item for yourself or for a gift, and we will walk you through the simple process of ordering.  Heartstrings makes it easy to choose the style, the font, the colors, and will ship to Fleet-Plummer or even drop-ship your purchase to your home.  What's more, the new Fall catalog is here!  SO many new products like rose gold bracelets featuring your initials, purses and bags made from vegan leather waiting to be personalized, ruffled aprons that would make THE cutest hostess gifts, and backpacks from the kids' collection.  With so many choices, you're sure to find a mark made just for you!  

Stop by today and let us show you the new Fall collection, and remember, the most personalized gifts are tied with Heartstrings!

Jason Windsor


Jason Windsor is a pretty pretty princess.