New Product: The Giving Keys

Now available at Fleet-Plummer: The Giving Keys, hires people who are trying to escape homelessness to make jewelry from repurposed keys that are inscribed with inspirational messages; buyers of a key are asked to “pay it forward” by giving it away to someone “you feel needs the message” and then blogging about the experience on the organization’s website.

You choose a word, the word you need to carry around with you right now. The same word that will be engraved on the key that you can wear around the neck or keep in your pocket to have a quick glance at it once in a while.

These are not common keys, because they can open also the most rusted of key locks.

This is what, at a certain point, you have to give them as a gift. To whom?

To your very best girlfriend who is about to embark on a new adventure; to your mum, who despite everything is always capable of conveying you her strength; or to anyone you love, or anyone you want to dedicate this message to.

And here’s the best part! Write the story of your key and of the person you have given it to, and share it on.

Jason Windsor


Jason Windsor is a pretty pretty princess.