Our Favorite Outdoor Living Accessories

Why do we love outdoor living so very much?  

Maybe it's because many of the good things in life happen outdoors.
Maybe it's because being outside reminds us to slow down, relax, literally stop and smell the roses.

Whatever YOUR reason, the right outdoor accessories can help you create your own ideal living space, making your outdoor-living as comfortable as your indoor-living.

  • Hammocks. First on our list, because when we think of relaxing outdoors, we think of the swinging ease of a hammock. Is there any better feeling that resting peacefully, looking up at the clouds moving slowly across the sky? Here at Fleet-Plummer, we have rope, quilted, tufted, pillow-top, all top-quality and made to last against fading, stains, mold or mildew. Click here to browse our hammocks.
  • Bird houses and seed. Now, that you're happy and relaxed in your hammock, let's make your birds happy, with bird houses from Lazy Hill Farm, a leader in birding and garden accessories. Plus, Fleet-Plummer has the lowest birdseed prices in Greensboro, which makes YOU and your birds sing with glee.
  • Art. Yes, art can be an outdoor accessory too. The beautiful artwork displayed all around our store is made for outdoor as well as indoor enjoyment. Various styles and sixes are available, all ready to adorn your outdoor space. And speaking of art, the individual, hand-crafted pieces by THINK OUTSIDE are whimsical conversation starters. Designed by renowned Australian designer Aaron Jackson, these thoughtful pieces are made from scrap metal, mainly old 44-gallon drums, removing them from the environment and re-fashioning them into art.  
  • Gazing ball. One way to add color and catch the eye is with a gazing ball. First introduced in 13th-century Venice by artisan glass-blowers, gazing balls are now a common sight in yards and gardens everywhere.  Large ones displayed on a stand make quite an impact, or use smaller ones here and there around your garden or in potted plants around your patio.  

Frank Lloyd Wright, the great American architect who, for 70 years, designed structures that were in harmony with the environment, once said, "Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature.  It will never fail you."  Perhaps this is the true reason we love outdoor living so much, because nature will never fail us? 

Stop by Fleet-Plummer today and find your own best outdoor living accessories.  

Jason Windsor


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