Our Favorite Things: Karen Didion Santas


When you hear people talk about Karen Didion Santas, you'll hear phrases such as "create a new Christmas family tradition,"  and  "fall in love with the spirit of Christmas again,"  and this is just what we all do when we see Didion's creations.  Her traditional, vintage and themed Santa designs feature glass inset eyes, hand-painted faces, and real mohair beards.  Exquisite fabrics are used to make each Santa's clothing;  Karen Didion finds imported tapestries, velvet, satin, suede. leather and jacquard knits for each Santa to wear.  Novelty buttons and braided and tasseled trims set off the vests and coats.  


Karen Didion began her tradition of making Santa come to life over 25 years ago, as she worked long hours in the basement of her home, making Christmas presents for friends and family, and selling her work at craft shows.  In 1996, one of her designs was selected to be on the cover of the Neiman Marcus Christmas catalog, and a hobby was then transformed into a business.  Today, the company is still 100% family operated, and not a single creation leaves out to the world without being personally examined by a Didion.  Karen has always treasured Christmas, and it is this love of the Christmas season that fuels her passion for creating magical Santas.

Our Christmas just wouldn't be the same without Karen Didion creations....come see her Santas and elves today, fall in love with the spirit of Christmas again, and perhaps create your own new family Christmas tradition.

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Jason Windsor


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