Our Love for Fire Pits is in Our DNA?

From a matchstick flame to fantastic fireworks, from the blowing out of candles on a birthday cake to the lighting of a giant cauldron at the Olympics, moments of magic are sparked when we gather around a fire.  Sitting around a campfire, a backyard fire pit or our home's own hearth, we feel compelled to poke at the fire, toss things on it, or gaze into the flames.  

Fire has always been a big part of the human experience.  Since man first discovered the flame, we have relied on it for cooking, for warmth, for protection, and to light our way.  For most of human history, fire has, in some form or fashion, made us feel better.  There is something about the smell of a fire, the colors of the flickering flames, the sounds of the crackling wood that make everyone feel safe and happier.  

Fire captures our imagination.  You can see evidence of this in our language:  We BURN with passion.  We talk about a lost love and the EMBERS that still burn.  We carry a TORCH.  We reKINDLE a romance.  Our true love is our FLAME.  We SPARK a conversation.  We IGNITE our enthusiasm.  When we are doing well, we say we are ON FIRE.  And speaking of conversation, sitting around a fire actually stimulates our interactions.  Are your teenagers into their phones and not talking at dinner?  Move the meal outside and watch as the lines of communication open!  Got a situation in your house that warrants a family meeting?  Everyone grab a snack and a drink and head out to the fire pit, sit around the flames, and pretty soon, ideas will emerge.  

A shared experience has been proven to promote relaxation.  (By science, actually!) In 2014, a researcher at the University of Alabama studied this very thing!  Gauging people and their reactions, the researcher concluded that sitting around a fire together actually LOWERS blood pressure.  Are you convinced yet?  Want to relax around a fire right now, don't you?  

Although there are many ways to enjoy a fire, fire pits give us that warmth on those nights when the flames are dancing and, because they are so decorative, look great during the day when not lit.  Fire pits create ambiance, lending grace and beauty to a deck or to a natural area of your yard accented with rocks and potted succulents.  Imagine gathering with the kids under a full moon to tell ghost stories or hanging out, wine glasses in hand, laughing with friends.  A fire pit creates that focal point, setting the stage for evenings spent enjoying your own corner of outdoor heaven.

Many fire pits act as fire tables, with plenty of room for those wine glasses or small plates. Choosing a fire pit is easy:  Decide if you'd like to burn wood or gas, pick a location for the fire pit and a style you like, add seating and you have, once again, discovered fire.  Wood pits are sought after because, well, who doesn't love the crackling of the wood and the smell of the wood burning?  Gas fire pits are popular as they are easy to light, provide a variable flame, and look neat as the propane tanks hidden within the fire pit cabinet.  Wind guards can be added to reduce the effects of a windy evening or to keep little hands away from the temptation of the fire.  Covers can limit cleaning by shielding against inclement weather.  And unlike other ways to enjoy a fire, fire pits can be moved.  Woodard, Genesis and OW LEE make lovely fire pits, and we have them!  

Come by today, take a stroll through our showroom and ask to see one of our fire pits lighted. Throughout history, we humans have fanned our flames.  Our love affair with fire is simply in our DNA. Come choose a fire pit today, and be basking in that fire's glow tonight.  

Jason Windsor


Jason Windsor is a pretty pretty princess.