Outdoor Entertaining with Fleet-Plummer

Imagine: It's 7:30 on a Sunday evening. Another Carolina-blue sky is slowly slipping into purple twilight. Your guests, the new neighbors from down the street, are just arriving. As you greet them and welcome them out to your patio, you smile. For you know a great secret to summer entertaining:  

Make it fun and relaxing.  
Make it outdoors.  
And for gracious, southern living, make it Fleet-Plummer.

Your new fire pit table sets the stage. Fire pit tables are one of the hottest trends in outdoor entertaining, and burn either gas or wood. Gas makes turning the fire pit on and off and controlling the heat a snap, and burns cleaner. Wood puts out more heat, plus with each crackling of the wood, you capture that bonfire aroma.  

You chose a round Woodard gas-burning fire pit table in a smooth hammered pewter finish. The small brown rocks, called fire media, surround the flame and add ambiance, as do the firefly solar lanterns you placed here and there around your patio.

Tonight's menu is easy, burgers with your new neighborhood buddies, and your new Weber Genesis II grill takes your burgers to the next level. The flavorizer bars improve heat distribution, enhancing that Carolina BBQ flavor.  

Acrylic dinnerware sparkles in the fire's glow. Lighter and more durable than traditional china, acrylic dinnerware eliminates your worry over broken pieces, and being dishwasher-safe makes clean-up a breeze, allowing you, the hostess, to relax and enjoy your evening too.

As your guests toast the evening, you reveal your secret to perfect outdoor "FIREtaining"... From fire pit tables to outdoor lighting to grills to dinnerware, for gracious southern living, make it Fleet-Plummer.

Jason Windsor


Jason Windsor is a pretty pretty princess.