Patriotic Pride: Gifts to Show Your Red, White, and Blue Flair

Although we love our stars and stripes, this July 4th, why not think outside the box?  Need a hostess gift for this weekend's BBQ?  Want to surprise family and friends with your star-spangled decor?  Fleet-Plummer has everything you need to celebrate the season in all its glory.


Let's begin with the table.  From placemats to napkins to disposable dinnerware, Fleet-Plummer has you covered!  Or choose acrylic dinnerware in fun patterns like our blue and white polka-dots.  Accent these with red candles, floral stems in a white vase, accented with tiny American flags and you have an quick and easy and beautiful tablescape.  Red, white and blue solar lanterns are eye-catching ways to add sparkle come twilight and evening.  

Or choose ceramic serviceware in red, white and blue and a Gurgle Pot.  Gurgle Pots are a festive addition to any table, as the sound from pouring your drinks is as fun as the drinks themselves. Fire pots come in July 4th colors as well, and are a beautiful way to add light and to keep pesky bugs away from your festivities.

For a lovely way to show your patriotic pride while watching the fireworks, why not pack one of our picnic baskets full of snacks and sodas?  Or decorate your mailbox or front lawn with the American flag itself?

From flags to floral, from placemats to solar lanterns, Fleet-Plummer has all you need to make this Fourth of July shine. 

Jason Windsor


Jason Windsor is a pretty pretty princess.