Picnic in Style with These Accessories

Someone wise once said, " a picnic is a state of mind and can be made anywhere."  We agree, but the saying does get us to thinking:  ARE there rules, guidelines if you will, for a perfect picnic? What are they? Where did we even get the idea to picnic anyway?  And, of course, whatever will we wear?

First, the history:  The word PICNIC comes comes from the French term "pique-nique,"  a term used in the mid-1600's to describe gourmands who would bring their own wine when dining at a friend's house.  (Nowadays, we don't call this a picnic necessarily, but we do say THANK YOU!) Our idea of picnics got their start in the Middle Ages, when hunting became a favorite past time of the leisure class, and these elegant outdoor meals were an activity of only the wealthy, as working men and women barely had enough to put together a meal INdoors, let alone pack it up to go too.  But the Victorian era saw the picnic cross class lines and soon everyone was outdoors, on lawns, by streams, under trees, enjoying their own versions of picnic feasts.

Fast-forward to this summer, here in Carolina, and our pressing questions:  

  • *What to Bring?
  • *What to Pack It All In?
  • *What to Wear?

We like to be prepared, so in addition to your own menu ideas, we suggest stylish paper products (napkins, plates) in bright colors, along with melamine glassware or serving platters.  Nothing says "perfect picnic style" like a beautiful presentation of your fried chicken or your potato salad.  Why settle for grocery containers when you can lay out a setting even those Victorians would envy?  Wine may spill, but your glass won't break with melamine wine glasses!

Once you have all your goodies gathered, you'll need a basket.  Call us biased, but we LOVE this one by Picnic Plus.   Hand-woven, this willow basket is lined and has an extra section for your wine bottles or sparkling cider.  Two small plates are also included, along with 2 sets of utensils, 2 wine glasses, and even a cork screw.  Take this basket on your own picnic, or give as a gift....would make a lovely summer wedding gift, don't you think?

You've packed the wine and cheese, grabbed your Charlie Paige round beach towel (more comfy than any blanket), now all that's left is finding the right picnic attire!  It's white-hot this summer, so think white.  Wanna be a picnic goddess?  DRESS like a goddess.  The breezy fabric is accented with a gold neckline, perfect with summer sandals. Wanna go a little more casual?   Choose one of beach hats and a our favorite tank and shorts.  No matter which outfit you wear, remember the shades! Peepers sunglasses are a must for any picnic!

Voila!  You're all set for a "pique-nique" that make the French proud!

One last twist on our list of perfect picnic accessories...While a perfectly-planned picnic is romantic and lovely, sometimes with kids in tow, and errands to run and summer activities to attend, planning a picnic is the last thing we can pull off.  Why not keep a portable picnic package in your backseat, ready to go?  Scout bags make it easy:  With their huge variety of bright colors and sizes, their easy-cleaning and portability, Scout bags make the perfect way to gather your impromptu picnic items.  The round beach towel by Charlie Paige is our favorite beach towel, as the size is ample for everyone to gather around and sit....pair with Corksicles for sipping cold drinks, and everyone can have their own color!  Throw in bright-colored paper napkins and plates, and you're all set!  Keep your portable picnic handy and all you'll need to add is the food.  Easy peasy, picnic on the go!  

Whether you plan perfectly, or picnic on the go, summertime is the season for meals outdoors!  Enjoy!

Jason Windsor


Jason Windsor is a pretty pretty princess.