Sugarfina Gourmet Candies

Sugarfina is a love story. Boy meets girl. Boy takes girl on third date to watch Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. An idea is then born with a simple question, "Why should kids have all the fun?" Boy and girl find themselves on a quest to create the ultimate candy boutique...for grownups!


After finding the best artisan candy makers from around the world, Rosie O'Neill and Josh Resnick built the candy store of their dreams. The couple also make it their mission to spread sweetness, from planting trees to cleaning up beaches to giving back to the communities through support of various charities.

Nestled in the cutest, clear boxes are such a sweet variety of surprises, there is sure to be something for everyone! After much taste-testing, we've put together a pairing of personality traits and the candies that might suit them. Have fun with our list, then come by today and take home your own favorites!

  • The single malt scotch cordials have a full flavor, strong like the Scots who inspired this drink. These rich, dark chocolate cordials, with their splash of dark rum inside, are those of us who are fearless and have a lust for life.
  • The martini olive almonds, enrobed in their white chocolate and smartly-dressed to look like a real olive, are for those of us who maybe shaken but life, but are never stirred, and able to charm anyone with just a wink and a smile.
  • The tequila grapefruit sours are infused with a sweet sip of tequila, perfect for those of us who are adventurous and curious by nature, daring enough to taste the sweets and the sours.
  • Are you light-spirited, bubbling with fun? You'll love the champagne bubbles! Dressed up in tiny non-pareils, these juicy little gummies are flavored like a fine champagne, these sweeties are sure to please!
  • Inspired by the goddess of love herself, the Aphrodite strawberry candies are made in Greece, of course, and dipped in a sumptuous milk chocolate and dressed in a speckled sugar shell, sure to inspire your own passionate nature.
  • The cuban rum cordials, with their coconut-infused dark chocolate, hide a splash of aged dark rum inside. Are you drawn to the mysterious? Like to explore the unknown? Come to the dark side...we have chocolate!

These are just a few of Sugarfina's finest! Stop by today and start your own love story with these decadent treats! And remember, #spreadsweetness!


Jason Windsor


Jason Windsor is a pretty pretty princess.