Summer Fashion Accessories

In the movie Steel Magnolias, the character Clairee Belcher drops this little nugget of wisdom for us: "The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize."  We agree, Ms. Belcher, and so we at Fleet-Plummer have put together this list of our favorite summer fashion accessories, and the best part is, you don't even need to travel to Chinquapin Parish to get them!

  • Dune Bangles: This is jewelry that captures your most meaningful experiences, favorite adventures and precious memories. Each piece is handcrafted with sand from your favorite North Carolina beach.
  • Summer Scarves: The golden rule of scarves is that there is no wrong way to wear them.  An easy and affordable way to dress up your wardrobe, they add a pop of color and personality.  And with those scarves, go the next item on our list...
  • Give It A Twist Scarf Twists: These are an easy and beautiful way to dress up a scarf.  Twist these around your scarf to add a little bling!  Available in 12 styles.
  • Iota Chic Wristlet Purses: When you want the look of a wallet with all the best features of a purse, choose a wristlet.  The strap allows you to easily carry a wallet around your wrist in the same fashion as a purse, and these wristlets come in fun prints and designs!

And finally, the hardest-trending fashion accessory on our list:

  • Tassel Jewelry: Eye-catching and fun, the secret to tassel jewelry is moderation.  One dramatic necklace or a pair of bright tassel earrings is all you need to bring that summer sun into any outfit!  Or choose a tassel keychain and take your sunny style everywhere!

We think these fun, summer accessories would have Clairee Belcher herself saying "Ça c'est bon!"  Visit Fleet-Plummer today for more fashion ideas!

Jason Windsor


Jason Windsor is a pretty pretty princess.