Buy PEterson Gas Logs Online

Why buy a Peterson gas log package from Fleet-Plummer?

Other online gas log retailers offer an overwhelming number of options, including older models that are less realistic and less efficient than Peterson’s newer logs, burners, and ignition systems made with the latest technology.

Our fireplace experts have worked directly with Peterson to create gas log packages that allow you to choose from the latest and most efficient burners, combined with the most beautiful and realistic logs.

Simply put, our gas log packages reflect the best Peterson has to offer. Browse our vented and vent-free packages to find the set that's just right for you.

VIDEO: The right gas logs for your needs

In this video, Jim from Fleet-Plummer describes the difference between vented and vent-free gas logs so that you can determine which type might best suit your needs.

VIDEO: How to Measure your fireplace for gas logs

In this video, Reid Plummer of Fleet-Plummer shows us how to measure your fireplace to select the right size gas logs.