Wood Stoves

Why buy a wood stove from Fleet-Plummer?

  • Largest Selection
    With Greensboro's widest selection of wood stoves, you're sure to find a wood stove that meets your standards of beauty and efficiency.
  • Expert Advice
    We've been selling wood stoves for over 40 years, and our team members have been certified by the National Fireplace Institute.
  • The Best Buying Experience
    Wood stoves can be complicated, but the buying process doesn't have to be. We carry the highest quality stoves, unmatched in their beauty and warmth.

For maximum wood-fire efficiency, wood-burning stoves are unrivaled. They capture the fire’s heat and diffuse it through the home instead of letting it escape up the chimney, creating both beauty and comfort. Fleet Plummer carries Greensboro’s largest selection of wood stoves, with the best models from the best manufacturers: Jøtul, Hearthstone, and High Valley.

Made from cast iron, ceramic, and soapstone, our wood stoves provide one of the cleanest and most beautiful heating methods available. Visit us and talk to one of our National Fireplace Institute-certified staff for a free wood stove assessment to discuss whether a wood stove is right for you.