3 Unique Big Green Egg Recipes

Every time we turn around, someone is finding a way to grill out an exotic fruit or developing an ingenious idea for grilling the same ol' steak or burger.  We thought, for this post, we would find three new recipes for the Big Green Egg. These are easily adaptable to any grill, of course, or even indoor cooking, and open to your own interpretation. After all, that's what makes cooking fun!

There are so many great ideas out there, but here are our top THREE choices for unique recipes for the Big Green Egg....

1.  Cilantro-lime shrimp foil packs....foil packs have been around awhile, and are easy to put together while still packing a flavor punch!  These perfect packages are full of some of our favorites....shrimp, lime and zucchini, along with some saucy spices!  

You'll need:  

  • one pound medium shrimp, peeled and de-veined
  • three ears corn, quartered
  • zucchini, sliced...one large one or two smaller ones
  • two limes, cut into rounds
  • two tablespoons butter
  • two cloves garlic
  • two teaspoons ground cumin
  • one teaspoon crushed red pepper flakes
  • two tablespoons chopped cilantro
  • extra virgin olive oil to drizzle
  • aluminum foil, four squares

Prep is easy peasy!  Combine all the ingredients in a large mixing bowl, drizzle with the oil, season with a little salt and pepper, spoon onto the four pieces of foil, dividing equally. Top each with a pat of the butter, the limes and close up the packs.  Grill on high heat for 10 minutes and enjoy!

2.  Greek Grilled Eggplant...grilling eggplant is nothing new, but we love this twist on the classic.  

You'll need:

  • one medium eggplant, cut lengthwise
  • salt and pepper
  • two tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
  • balsamic glaze
  • crumbled feta
  • crushed red pepper flakes
  • oregano leaves

Preheat grill to 375 degrees.  Place the eggplant cut-side up on a baking sheet, and sprinkle with salt and pepper...let sit for thirty minutes then pat dry, brush with oil.  Place each half on the grill, cut-side down and grill for four to five minutes.  Remove from grill, season  with salt and pepper, drizzle with the balsamic glaze (found already made in most groceries), top with feta cheese, red pepper flakes and oregano leaves. Serve immediately.

And, our third unique recipe is a doozie!  Please let us know what you think of this one!

3.  S'mores Burgers...chocolate, graham crackers, marshmallows, on a burger!  What's not to love?

You'll need:

  • a thin dark chocolate candy bar, broken into pieces
  • one pound ground beef
  • salt
  • graham cracker halves
  • large marshmallows
  • nine small burger buns

You'll want to grill your burgers as you are accustomed to.  Assembling will be the fun part.  As you pat out each patty, you'll place a piece of the dark chocolate inside then fold around.  Salt the outside and begin grilling those.  Roast your marshmallows while the burgers are cooking and set aside.  Grill the buns lightly for an added crunch.  As the burgers are done, begin to assemble these crazy creations....the bottom bun, then graham cracker, then top with the burger, then marshmallow and top bun.  

Like Billy Joel sings, " you may be right, we may be crazy,"  but we think these unique recipes are just crazy enough to be delicious!  Check our Instagram for more unique grilling recipes and feel free to share your own! Meanwhile, what's the craziest thing YOU have ever grilled on YOUR Big Green Egg?  

Jason Windsor


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